Here’s more about Jenny …

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Jenny’s passionate about helping her clients be their best self and uncover what’s holding them back so they can move forward.

We all have such great gifts inside of us.

But we put up our mask and hide, we are afraid to show our real self or maybe you don’t know who you really are.

It’s easy to lose touch with all the many different roles and tasks we manage every day. It’s no wonder that you might feel overwhelmed and stressed at times.

You might even feel like you want something different, but the challenge is in knowing what to do or how to start.

I can relate to these feelings.


You see a few years ago, I found myself overwhelmed, working too hard, feeling unbalanced and stressed out. I knew I wanted something more and decided it was time to be bold and step out into the world in a new way. So, I decided to take steps to change and take action! This decision forced me to look at myself from the inside out and to make the incremental steps to live my life more sanely and fully.

I made it through these challenges as I always do (one way or another.)

Before this self-evaluation, I always wondered if others had similar thoughts as me. I now realize that so many people have these same thoughts and feelings … we are not alone.

Seeing others out there needing support has led me to do this work.

If you are ready for something more and need support, let’s work together. You’ll take a step back, look at your life differently and rediscover how you want to live NOW.

Plus, I know it’s often hard to be objective with ourselves and stay accountable. That’s the role I play in supporting and empowering you.

Make time for yourself today. Open up to new possibilities. I’m here to support you!

A few other facts …


  • Private One-on-One coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Speaker
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Parenting Trainer


  • Coaching Certificate – Coach U Graduate
  • Law of Attraction Certification – Ongoing
  • Master of Science, Education – Southern Illinois University
  • Bachelor of Science, Education – Missouri State University

Work Experience:

  • Life and Business Coach
  • Co-Author in The Change: Insights into Self Empowerment Series, Book 10
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Adjunct Instructor, Community Education
  • Mom to twins
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative and Trainer
  • Teacher

Family & Favorite things:

  • My husband, Craig, and I are blessed with twin boys who keep life fun!
  • I enjoy taking long walks, reading inspirational books, traveling, baking cookies, gardening, and playing sports with my boys.