Jenny Beilsmith is a passionate, heart-centered speaker and facilitator who presents on a variety of topics including mindset, leadership and success.  She has spoken to groups of all sizes and on a variety of topics. If you’re looking for a speaker, connect with Jenny to see how she can support you and your event.


“The reason we wanted bring Jenny in for a workshop is because our Firm truly cares about our employees and this was a chance for them to do something for themselves during work hours where they could connect with what’s important to them for their own lives, to discover their personal “why.” We liked the fact that in the end they would have a physical touchstone through the vision board to look at on a daily basis. To use their minds as a powerful force to continually reengage with their hopes and dreams for the future.  Our firm’s tag line is “Advising with Vision.”  We want to help our clients to reach their goals and bring new fresh ideas to them so it only made sense that we would want our own employees to have the time and space to develop a personal vision for themselves.

For me, the best part of the workshop was the small group setting because it made it very inviting and intimate.  I loved that we got to connect with our coworkers on a more personal level, understand them better and learn what’s important to them.

We heard from those that participated that they got a lot out of it. I’m proud to say that we even had some of our Owners and leaders in the firm do the workshop and they saw the benefit of dedicating time to this.  This is just the jumping off point for us.  We plan on bringing Jenny back in the coming year to do more visioning workshops with our employees with the goal of increasing employee engagement and building on the excitement of these initial ones.”

Gayla Hannon, CPA, SPHR, Chief Administrative Officer, Mueller Prost | Advising with Vision® 

First of all, and I think of one the most important things, from the beginning you can tell that Jenny truly cares for you. Her warm demeanor and her kind voice really make you feel that she wants to help you be a better person.  I would sincerely recommend Jenny for any group who is looking to find out more about themselves and those needing direction or that extra push to go for their dreams!   –Sarah Hanson