The Secret to Enjoying Life

Hello! I hope that you are enjoying this exciting time of year as we approach the holidays.

Today, I had a few extra moments in my schedule. As I sat quietly, I was reflecting on how the experiences in my every day life teach me so many lessons!

A few weeks ago on a chilly morning, my sons and I stopped by a local park in between our errands. We only had about thirty minutes to spare.

We explored the park and played on the playground equipment. I noticed it was particularly quiet as we almost had the place to ourselves. The boys climbed up the equipment and I found the perfect concrete butterfly to sit upon.

As I sat there, I noticed my son’s laughter, the chirping birds, an airplane flying overhead, the beautiful fall leaves and much more.

I thought about how easily it is to get distracted in our busy days. We lose track of the simple and important things.

The sun shining down on my face warmed my heart that day. It was one of those experiences where it felt like time stood still. I was fully present, engaged and joyful!

So many of us, myself included, spend our days running to work and back home and never really take a minute to be present, sit still or listen to nature.

It’s easy to forget that our life unfolds in the present moment.

Too often we allow those moments to slip away, as we worry about the future or the challenges of yesterday.

Being present, or more aware of life as it happens, can help us to enjoy life more fully.

As we approach this busy time of year, I invite each one of us to be truly aware of each moment. Here are some ideas:

Slow down and avoid multi-tasking
Do one thing at a time and do it wholeheartedly
Pay attention to the small things
Smile, take a deep breath
Remember that everything will be okay

My experience at the park on that chilly Saturday morning reminded me to …

So the secret to enjoying your life more, is to BE and LIVE in the PRESENT moment!