What are you waiting for?

Decisions are often difficult to make as we don’t want to make the wrong choice.

However, I find that once I make a decision on something … I want immediate results!

For me, WAITING is often harder than making the decision.

But, most of the time life’s changes don’t happen overnight. Today, I was reminded of how life works in these small steps of continuous action.

As I was driving home from the library and sitting at a stop light, I noticed a small bluebird picking up grass and flying off to build its nest.

For just a minute, I thought about …

  • How much effort it took to choose just the right location?
  • How much work it took to build a quality nest to support the eggs?
  • How many pieces of straw, grass or pine needles she had to pick up and place in just the right spot?

This sweet little bird reminded me that life is all about taking it one thing at a time. It’s really these small continuous choices and actions that lead to results.

Her small continuous efforts eventually will lead to a nest filled with her beautiful bluebird eggs.

So today, I invite you to think about … where in your life are you struggling with waiting? Where do you want immediate results?

Breathe deeply.
Remind yourself that life is all about small steps.
Stay present and enjoy the journey of today.
And know that the end result eventually comes.

Wishing you a joyful springtime~

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