Develop the Leader Within You
Learn the keys to self-leadership that help leaders and employees handle challenges and opportunities in the work environment so they can experience greater success and productivity.

Rise UP
Uncover the behaviors that keep professional women stuck and learn what habits are needed to reach their next level of success.

Think smarter and get the job done
Learn how your mindset can sabotage you, your team and your company’s success and what to do about it!

What’s your WHY?
Learn how to find more inspiration at work and inspire those around you.

Soft skills that drive hard Results
Learn about and explore the skills that are the missing link to greater success, productivity and results.

How to manage stress
Learn how to take control and find better ways to deal with stress and overwhelm so that you can have increased satisfaction, well-being and performance.

Keys to Work-Life Balance
Determine how work-life balance is effecting your day. Learn key tools and resources for greater satisfaction and productivity.

Work of Leaders
Explore each leader’s leadership style and learn how this drives achievement of the desired results. Learn how to better manage effort and energy while crafting a vision, building alignment and execution and lead in a more powerful way. Learn how to maximize strengths and create a plan for growth. (Assessments are administered before this presentation)

Learn to communicate more effectively by understanding your personal DiSC behavioral style. Uncover how to apply this knowledge to reduce conflict, increase performance and deliver greater results. (Assessments are administered before this presentation)



This workshop is an opportunity to support your staff and help them reconnect to their WHY in life so they can be better educators and ultimately better, happier people. Teachers who are connected to their vision lead classrooms where students experience greater success.
Here’s what they’ll gain:
  • Clarity on WHY they became teachers to re-ignite their passion
  • A powerful Vision Board to hang in their classroom attracting their ideal outcomes in the months ahead
  • A connection to their vision leading to increased motivation and success
  • Meaningful relationships with colleagues to support a positive staff culture
  • Tips for staying positive throughout their busy and stressful dayjbelsmith-teacher-vision-boards
  • Personal and professional exploration and development
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Teacher comments after attending the vision board workshop
  • Centered myself in my teaching career
  • Thought deeper about what’s important to me and why I teach
  • Focus more on the positive and decide how I start each day
  • Be intentional with my thoughts
  • Reconnected to what inspires me after having a challenging year
  • Vision Board will be placed where I can clearly see it daily and remind myself
  • Eliminate the distractions or negativity as these thoughts are impacting my daily tasks
  • Reminder that I am a good teacher
  • Benefits of refocusing and taking time for myself
  • Useful to do with my students and help them connect to a growth mindset
  • Focused on what I’d like to improve upon and the steps to achieve it
4 out of 5 teachers found the workshop’s content to be useful.
4 out of 5 teachers said they will actually use the knowledge and techniques learned in the workshop.